Terms of Service

Please Read This Page Carefully

Terms of Service for Inktalez

Before using the services provided by Inktalez, please carefully read these Terms of Service to understand your rights and obligations when using our services. If you do not agree with the contents of these terms, please do not continue to use our services.

General Terms


Inktalez provides services only to users who are 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18 years of age, please obtain parental consent before using our services.


Inktalez reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. If such modifications affect your user rights, Inktalez will notify you through announcements or other appropriate means. If you do not agree with the modified content, please do not continue using our services. If you continue to use Inktalez, it will be considered that you have read, understood, and agreed to the modified content.

Protection of Children and Adolescents


To ensure the safe use of the internet by children and adolescents and to protect them from inappropriate content (such as explicit or violent messages that may cause emotional or physical harm and violations of privacy), parents or guardians should fulfill the following duties:


Review whether the website has a privacy policy protecting personal information before deciding to consent to the provision of relevant personal information. Continuously remind children and adolescents not to disclose any personal information (including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, photos, credit card numbers, etc.) to anyone.


Exercise caution in selecting suitable websites for children and adolescents to browse. For children under twelve years of age, they should be accompanied by an adult throughout their internet use, and for adolescents aged twelve and above but under eighteen, consent should be considered.

Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information


Inktalez collects, processes, and uses your personal information within the scope allowed by the laws of the Republic of China. In accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act, we inform you of the following:


1. Data Controller: Inktalez


2. Purposes of Collection: Consumer and customer management and service; marketing, contract, similar contract, or other legal relationship affairs; online shopping and other e-commerce services; advertising or commercial operation management, investigation, statistics, and research analysis; other businesses in accordance with business registration items or organizational articles.

3. Categories of Personal Data Collected: Identifying individuals, such as user names, user accounts, gender, addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, email addresses, and personal data provided by third-party platforms (such as Facebook, Google, Line) when logging in with those accounts. Identifying financial information, such as bank account and credit card information. Other data automatically obtained by Inktalez when you use or log in to our services, etc.


4. Duration, Region, Object, and Method of Personal Data Use: During the operational period of Inktalez and the company. Use within the regions of the Republic of China, the location of the company, subsidiaries or branches of the company, the location of affiliated companies, data servers, and backup servers. Objects and methods of use: Only within the necessary scope for the intended purpose, provided to the company and its collaborators for processing and use in electronic or paper form.


5. You can request, in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the following regarding the personal data you provide:


 a. Inquiry or viewing;

 b. Making copies;

 c. Supplementary or correction;

 d. Ceasing collection, processing, or use;

 e. Deletion.

Account Registration, Use, Disabling, and Deletion

You may not create an account for others without the consent or full authorization of the authorized person. In cases of any unauthorized creation of an account in the name of another person, and if Inktalez suffers any damage as a result, Inktalez has the right to request compensation from the person who created the account in the name of another.

If your account is stolen, lost, or otherwise compromised due to reasons attributable to you, malicious actions by others, or other unforeseeable factors, Inktalez is not liable for any damages, and you cannot request a refund of any payments you have made.

You may request Inktalez in writing to delete your account. After the account is deleted, any unused Inktalez Coins in your account will immediately become invalid, and you cannot request a refund of any payments you have made.


Digital Content and Intellectual Property Rights

Any digital content or products, including e-books, obtained through Inktalez must be used in accordance with these terms and are for personal use only; commercial use is not allowed.

Any digital content or products provided by Inktalez are subject to the intellectual property rights of Inktalez or other rights holders under the law. Without the written consent of Inktalez or other rights holders, you may not reproduce, modify, publicly transmit, translate, distribute, publish, issue, distribute, perform reverse engineering, decompile, or disassemble any such content, and you shall be liable for damages.

You understand that whether it is free or paid digital content or products obtained from Inktalez, the intellectual property rights remain with the original rights holder or Inktalez, and you do not acquire any rights beyond personal non-commercial use.

Inktalez reserves the right to set usage periods or download limits for both free and paid digital content or products.

In handling digital content that may infringe intellectual property rights, Inktalez's policy is as follows:

1. When a rights holder believes that content posted by a member on Inktalez infringes their intellectual property rights, they may provide relevant evidence and contact information and submit a complaint to Inktalez's customer service email or send it by postal mail to the company.

2. Upon receiving a complaint, Inktalez will verify the information provided by the complainant as soon as possible and may request the complainant to provide additional information, evidence, statements, or affidavits if necessary.

3. If Inktalez determines that the complaint is valid, it will promptly remove the allegedly infringing content.

Content Restrictions

Inktalez may remove content without notice and has the right to disable or delete a member's account and report to the competent authority.

The following types of content are prohibited on the Inktalez platform:

 1.Politically provocative content.

 2. Promotion or advocacy of terrorism.

 3. Promotion or advocacy of any form of discrimination or hatred.

 4. Violations of the protection of children and adolescents.

 5. Promotion, advocacy, or incitement of crime.

 6. Hindrance to national secrets or national security.

 7. Content that insults or defames the reputation of others.

 8. Content involving the disclosure or infringement of personal information of others.

 9. Content containing personal information or contact information (such as URLs, email 

     addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

10. Violation of the lawful rights protected by law.

11. Dissemination of commercial advertisements or marketing messages.

12. Other content that violates legal regulations or public order and good morals.


Paid Content

After you register an account on Inktalez, you can access the free content provided by Inktalez. If you wish to access paid content, you can choose to make a one-time payment or use Inktalez's subscription services (see "Subscription Services" for details).

If you choose to access paid content with a one-time payment, after the payment is completed, you may not request Inktalez to cancel the transaction or refund the amount you have paid for any reason.


Subscription Services

Inktalez offers various paid subscription services. Users who purchase subscription services (referred to as subscribers) can access digital content provided by Inktalez during the subscription period.

You can cancel the subscription service at any time, but any cancellation of the subscription will take effect from the next billing cycle, and you may not request a refund of any subscription fees already paid.

When your subscription period expires and is not renewed, digital content associated with the subscription service will be removed from your member account, devices, and applications, and you will no longer have access to it.

If Inktalez verifies abnormal usage by a subscriber (e.g., downloading an unusually large amount of digital content in a short period), Inktalez has the right to suspend the subscription account and request an explanation from the subscriber. If it is determined that the subscriber has violated these terms, Inktalez has the right to permanently suspend or delete the subscriber's membership account without refunding any payments made by the user.


Purchase Ink Coins

Inktalez offers users the option to purchase Ink Coins for a fee. Ink Coins can be used to support creators or redeem goods and services provided by Inktalez.

You understand and agree that you have carefully considered your purchase of Ink Coins, and once purchased, you may not request Inktalez to cancel the transaction, refund, or convert it into cash for any reason.

You understand and agree that once purchased Ink Coins are used (e.g., given to creators or redeemed for goods), you may not request a refund for any reason.



Any payment you make on Inktalez must be completed through a third-party payment platform coordinated by Inktalez, and you must also comply with the terms or regulations of that third-party platform. In the event of disputes with the aforementioned third-party payment platform, you are responsible for resolving them on your own, and while Inktalez may assist in coordination, it assumes no responsibility.



Any service or content provided by Inktalez is provided as-is and without any form or content warranties or guarantees. 

The services provided by Inktalez may be affected or disrupted by various external factors, and therefore, 

Inktalez cannot guarantee that the services provided will be completely immediate, secure, reliable, and meet your expectations for any software, service, or content provided by Inktalez. 

Users of Inktalez may not transmit or publish illegal content on Inktalez, and if a user violates the law, the user will bear legal responsibility. 

You may access websites operated by other businesses outside of Inktalez while using Inktalez's services, and these websites operated by other businesses are the responsibility of those businesses and are not within Inktalez's control or responsibility. 

You must make your own judgment on whether to use such websites operated by third parties or their services. 

You should exercise caution and make your own judgments regarding any internet information involving transactions or property, account passwords, advertisements, or promotions, as such situations may result in profit loss, damage to business reputation, economic loss, fines, litigation expenses, attorney fees, and claims for damages by third parties against Inktalez.


Default Liability

If Inktalez determines that you have violated these terms or have the potential to violate them, Inktalez has the right to suspend or terminate all or part of the services provided to you and take appropriate legal action. If you believe that Inktalez's judgment is incorrect, you may file a complaint, but the company still retains the final discretion. 

If you cause damage to the company due to a violation of the law or these terms, you shall be fully liable for compensation, including but not limited to property and non-property losses, loss of business reputation, economic losses, fines, litigation expenses, attorney fees, and damages claimed by third parties against the company.



If required by law or if there are significant changes to these terms, Inktalez may provide notices through various means, including but not limited to email, regular mail, text messages, SMS messages, announcements on the website, software, or app, or other reasonable methods. However, if you access the service without authorization due to a violation of these terms, you may not receive such notifications. When you access the service in an authorized manner and agree to these terms, you agree that any notifications sent by Inktalez will be considered delivered.


Service Changes or Termination

Inktalez reserves the right to change or terminate part of the member services at any time, or change these terms. If the service is to be terminated, 

Inktalez will provide advance notice and notify members as much as possible, but there may be exceptions in the case of force majeure, emergencies, or situations where notification is not possible.



If any part of these terms is invalid or unenforceable, it does not affect the effectiveness of other parts. 

The interpretation, supplementation, and application of these terms shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Any disputes arising from these terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Taipei District Court in Taiwan as the court of first instance, except as otherwise provided by law. If you violate these terms at any time, at your place of residence, at the location where you access the service, or under the laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan), you agree that Inktalez has the right to immediately terminate or cancel your continued use of the service, and you agree that Inktalez is not responsible for you or any third party.